Yuvraj Sixes

by HologrammTpublished on Şubat 15, 2019

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No batsman has hit a six off the first of an ODI. However, 3 players have did on the first ball of the second innings (which is team's first ball).

The whole bike is reacting but in this case no steering damper could help,

Sehwag 219 runs

4 sene ago

As India take on Australia in the third ODI in Indore, it comes as an opportune time to recall the time when Virender Sehwag scored 219 runs ...

India were a bit unlucky to find themselves clubbed in the same group along ... a matching-winning 64-run stand with his skipper and a 47-run stand with Rhodes.


Today we have brought up a good and well researched interesting article about the biggest fights in cricket history

in the series against Australia, Bumrah's magical spell of 6/33 in ... the influence of tennis ball cricket in honing his yorker-bowling skills.


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